Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence: The Next Five Years Slides and Posters


Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence: The Next Five Years Slides and Posters

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Economic Statistics: The Road Ahead

Sir Robert Chote (UK Statistics Authority) no slide
Professor Sir Ian Diamond (Office for National Statistics) no slides
Professor Sir Charles Bean (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Professor Rebecca Riley (King’s College London)

ESCoE Programmes of Research (Part 1)

Beyond GDP and Inclusive Wealth
National Accounts
Net-zero, Climate Change and Environment

ESCoE Programmes of Research (Part 2)

Subnational Statistics
Productivity, Innovation and Business Dynamics
Labour Markets and Households
Time-Use Survey

Poster Exhibition

Huw Dixon and Kemar Whyte (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) ‘Developing a systematic framework and method for including voluntary and non-profit organisations in NPISH and National Accounts

Kevin Fox (University of New South Wales) and Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia, University of New South Wales) ‘Index numbers research for bundled products

Ana Beatriz Galvão (University of Warwick) and Rory Macqueen ‘Nowcasting UK Consumption and Investment with Monthly Output Components and Real-time Indicators

George Kapetanios and Fotis Papailias (King’s College London) ‘Nowcasting with Backcalculated Short Time Series Simulations & Empirical Evidence

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Larissa da Silva Marioni, Max Mosley and Adrian Pabst (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) ‘Exploring Alternative Data Sources for Household Wealth Statistics

Alex Botsis, Kevin Lee, Michael Mahony and Paul Mizen (University of Nottingham) ‘Using Firm-Level Surveys to Understand Changes in Output and Prices

Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge), Hasan Bakhshi (Nesta), Ricky Lawton (Ipsos) ‘Cultural Capital as an Intangible Asset

Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre, (University of Strathclyde), James Mitchell (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland), Aubrey Poon (Orebro University) and Ping Wu (University of Strathclyde) ‘Regional Output Growth in the UK: Improving Estimates by Incorporating New Data Sources

Sylaja Srinivasan and Ryland Thomas (Bank of England) ‘Historical Data UK

Elizabeth Gallagher, India Kerle, Cath Sleeman and Jack Vines (Nesta) ‘Extracting Skills from Online Job Advertisements in the Open Jobs Observatory

Robert Hill, Norbert Pfeifer and Miriam Steurer (University of Graz) ‘Do Energy Improvements Pay for Themselves in the Housing Market?  A Micro-level Hedonic Comparison across England and Wales

Johnny Runge (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) ‘Improving Public Understanding of Economic Statistics: Explaining and Engaging Better