EM2022 Special Sessions


EM2022 Special Sessions

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Special Session A: ‘British Productivity in the Age of COVID’

Chair: Stephen Millard (National Institute of Economic and Social Research)

Adrian Pabst and Paul Mortimer-Lee (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) ‘COVID-19 and Productivity: Impact and Implications’

Discussant: Bart van Ark (The Productivity Institute and University of Manchester)

Policy Panel: Sam Beckett (Office for National Statistics), Sophie Piton (Bank of England) and
Anthony Venables (The Productivity Institute and University of Manchester)

Special Session B: ‘Alternative Data Sources in CPIH and CPI’

Chair: Jill Leyland (Royal Statistical Society)

David Moran and Joe Barker (Office for National Statistics) ‘Alternative Data Sources for Rail Fares and Second-hand Cars in CPIH and CPI’

Huw Pierce (Office for National Statistics) ‘Household Costs Indices (HCIs)’

Paul Smith and Francesco Pantalone (University of Southampton) ‘Variance Estimates in UK Consumer Price Indices’

Special Session C: ‘Using New Methods and Data Sources to Improve Economic Statistics: An ONS and Turing Institute Collaboration’

Chair: Arthur Turrell (Office for National Statistics)

Victor Meirinhos (Office for National Statistics) and Francois Lafond (University of Oxford
and The Alan Turing Institute) ‘Economic Networks and Transaction Data’

Samuel N Cohen, Lingyi Yang (The Alan Turing Institute and University of Oxford), Giulia
Mantoan (The Alan Turing Institute and Office for National Statistics), Lars Neisham, Aureo
de Paula (The Alan Turing institute and University College London), Silvia Lui, Will Malpass,
Jeremy Rowe, Craig Scott and Emma Small (Office for National Statistics) ‘Nowcasting with Signature Methods’

Owen Daniel (Office for National Statistics) ‘Synthetic Data and Privacy Preservation’

Special Session D: ‘Measuring the Digital Economy’

Chair: Anaïs Bauduin (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

John Mitchell (OECD) ‘The Development of Digital Supply-Use Tables’

Cliodhna Taylor (Office for National Statistics) ‘A Framework for UK Digital Economy Statistics’

Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge) ‘Are Digital-using UK Firms More Productive?’

Special Session E: ‘Are Traditional Periodic Seismic Shifts to New SIC and SOC Classification Systems Old-Fashioned and can a Fully Dynamic Model of Classification be Viable as an Alternative?’

Chair: Ed Humpherson (Office for Statistics Regulation)

Iain Russell (Office for Statistics Regulation) ‘Accurate Industrial Classification – Essential Building Block of Economic Measurement’

Suzanne Fry and David Beckett (Office for National Statistics) ‘Classification Systems in Practice’

Dan Whiteman (Oblong (UK) Ltd) ‘Oblong’

Alex Crave (Data City) ‘Data City’

Special Session F: ‘Diagnostics of the UK Productivity Puzzle’

Chair: Bart van Ark (The Productivity Institute and University of Manchester)

Myungun Kim (University of Cambridge) and Chander Velu (The Productivity Institute and
University of Cambridge) ‘Vertical Integration and Firm Productivity’

Peter Goodridge (The Productivity Institute and University of Manchester) and Jonathan
Haskel (Bank of England, Imperial College London, Centre for Economic Policy Research and
Institute of Labor Economics) ‘Productivity and Innovation in the UK Market Sector at Detailed Industry Level’

Colin Lindsay (University of Strathclyde) ‘Insights from ESRC PrOPEL Hub’