ESCoE Conference Makes Headlines


ESCoE Conference Makes Headlines

The Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence conference on Economic Measurement 2023, organised in partnership with the Office of National Statistics and held at King’s Business School, King’ has garnered national interest.

Keynote speaker, David Miles (Imperial College & Office for Budget Responsibility) delivered a plenary speech titled: “House prices: the power of interest rates, demographics and work from home” to hundreds in the Bush House Auditorium on 17 May 2023.

David set out the argument that slowing population growth and the rise of ‘working from home’ could spell the end of “massive” rises in house price growth. Working from home broadens the geographical focus of buyers, and the slowing population growth will ease competition in the coming decades.

“Those forces driving [house prices] up are going to be much weaker, I suspect, in the next 40 years than they have been in the past 40 years … If anything, this unusual age of massive rises of house prices may be nearing an end.”

David Miles, EM2023, 17 May 2023

This story was initially reported on by Bloomberg and has been reproduced in The Times and The Guardian.