ESCoE: Five years on


ESCoE: Five years on

Five years on from our founding in 2017, and as we approach the 2022 ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement, we have taken the opportunity to look back over our activities and highlight some of the key achievements in our journey so far as the UK’s first-ever dedicated academic centre of expertise for economic measurement.

In our downloadable PDF published on the ESCoE website today, we set out a number of research highlights from across our four core research streams, and a suite of infographics that quantify a range of our key outputs through to 31 March 2022. The latter includes information relating to: the papers we have published in our Discussion Paper, Occasional Paper, and Technical Report series; the people who make up our network of experts; our students and secondees; research seminar and webinar events; videos; presentations; website; media coverage; and finally, our annual conference.  

The information is broadly arranged in relation to the overarching ESCoE objectives set out in our ‘Addressing the challenges of measuring the modern economy’ report of 2020:

  • To be an international focal point of reference for world-class research on economic measurement and the development of economic statistics for the modern economy;
  • To support ONS to deliver world-class economic statistics that meet user needs and allow ONS to exert greater influence over the direction of travel of the international standard-setting agenda;
  • To create a network of world-class experts in economic measurement to enable the delivery of a cutting-edge research programme to improve understanding of the economy through data and statistics;
  • To provide an environment for the development of a wider research community with skills and research experience in economic statistics, building the next generation of academic experts in this field;
  • To deliver dissemination mechanisms to bring international expertise to bear on research on economic measurement and economic statistics in the UK;
  • To develop collaboration between the academic research community and statistical agencies, offering the capacity for fundamental methodological and conceptual work that will feed into the development and improvement of economic statistics and data-processing methodologies.

ESCoE continues to deliver on these objectives. Supported by our partners, our work is collectively forming the international point of reference for economic measurement research that we aspire to provide. Since 2017, new measurement challenges have emerged, most notably those relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to have contributed to endeavours to meet the unprecedented demands for economic measurement during this difficult period. Many of our original research projects have now been successfully completed, while a number of new and exciting projects have only just recently got underway. Look out for updates to our individual research project pages on the ESCoE website at appearing throughout the summer.