ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement 2024


ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement 2024


15 May 2024 — 17 May 2024

Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester

The Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence held its annual conference on 15-17 May at Alliance Manchester Business School. The conference was organised in partnership with the UK Office for National Statistics.

The programme included papers on many aspects of the measurement and use of economic statistics, focusing on:

  • Inclusive wealth measures and looking beyond GDP 
  • National accounts (measurement issues regarding prices, international trade, foreign direct investment) 
  • Net-zero, climate change and the environment 
  • Subnational statistics 
  • Productivity and innovation 
  • Labour markets, households and inequality  
  • Communicating statistics
  • Economic measurement in developing countries

Keynote speakers were: Catherine L Mann (Bank of England); Rohini Pande (Yale University) and Chad Syverson (University of Chicago). The Scientific Committee Co-Chairs were: Kevin Fox (UNSW Business School and ESCoE) ; Mary O’Mahony (King’s College London and ESCoE) and Osama Rahman (Data Science Campus, ONS).

The programme is available here.

Slides and recordings

As part of the ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement 2024, all three plenary sessions and some additional sessions were all recorded. These recordings and presentation slides (where available) can be accessed via the links below.