Economic Statistics Working Group (ESWG) Seminar - Gender Pay Gap


Economic Statistics Working Group (ESWG) Seminar – Gender Pay Gap


Wednesday 23 June 2021, 14:00 — 15:30

The Economic Statistics Working Group* invites you to join a Gender Pay Gap Webinar on 23 June to gain an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the UK’s current system on gender pay gap reporting.

Over the past year or so, gender pay gaps have attracted a huge amount of media, political and public attention. A wide range of organisations, from the BBC to banks (including the Bank of England), have been heavily criticised for the gaps between the median earnings of their male and female staff. The problem isn’t confined to a few sectors or these high-profile employers. It’s an economy-wide issue, with the most recent statistics showing a 15.5% gap among all employees.

More positively, such statistics show how gender pay gap reporting can help to highlight bad practice and identity the need for urgent corrective action, in the interests of creating a fairer economy and society. It’s also welcome that the UK is leading the way, internationally, on gender pay gap reporting.

By joining the webinar, you’ll get a great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the UK’s current system and how it could be improved in the future – creating a better template for potential adoption elsewhere.

At the seminar you will hear from:

Welcome – Richard Smith, ESWG, Professor of Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics, Cambridge University

Opening/Closing remarks – Karen Mumford, Professor of Economics and Labour Market Diversity, York University

Measuring the Gender Pay Gap using ONS survey data – Nicola White, Office for National Statistics

Gender Pay Gap over time and space – Dr Judith Shapiro, London School of Economics (LSE)

How can we turn pay gap statistics into actionable data for employers especially HR staff with little or no stats skills – Nigel Marriott – Independent Statistician

Karen Mumford, Nicola White, Dr Judith Shapiro and Nigel Marriott will then participate in a panel discussion

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*ESWG – the Economic Statistics Working Group – is a collaboration between the Royal Statistical Society, the Royal Economic Society, the Society of Professional Economists, Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence and the Office for National Statistics. Its objects are to raise the profile of, and to stimulate debate about, issues in economic measurement.