Economic Statistics Working Group (ESWG) Seminar – Round Table on GDP and Welfare


Economic Statistics Working Group (ESWG) Seminar – Round Table on GDP and Welfare


Tuesday 25 May 2021, 11:00 — 12:00

This Economic Statistics Working Group (ESWG)* round table will bring together three experts to discuss relationship between GDP and measures of welfare. David Hand (Imperial College) is the co-author, with Paul Allin of From “GDP to Sustainable Wellbeing” published by Palgrave Macmillan. This discusses how official statistics need to develop in order to meet the needs of the public, either directly, or as people who are affected by policy decisions. David will discuss what needs to be done to provide official statistics which are better attuned to the real needs of real people.

Chair: Martin Weale (King’s College and Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence)

Richard Heys (Office for National Statistics) has worked on the way in which the concept of GDP needs to be extended to take account of issues such as unpaid work in the home and the use of free services such as those provided by internet companies. He will discuss what is practical for the Office for National Statistics as well as what is desirable.

Rebecca Riley (Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence and King’s College, London) is the Director of the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence. She will focus her remarks on the latest international developments in the analysis of welfare.

*ESWG – the Economic Statistics Working Group – is a collaboration between the Royal Statistical Society, the Royal Economic Society, the Society of Professional Economists, Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence and the Office for National Statistics. Its objects are to raise the profile of, and to stimulate debate about, issues in economic measurement.

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