A series of seminars by ESCoE researchers and visiting academics on a wide ranging number of topics covering current research and future areas of study.


Autumn series 2018:  Tuesdays 16.30-17.30.  These seminars will be held at the conference facilities at the ONS, Drummond Gate.


Previous Research Seminars

by Rachel Soloveichik,  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; “Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement and Other Home-Produced Goods: Changes for Measured GDP and Housing Values

presented by Richard Heys, UK Office for National Statistics; “A Comparison of Approaches to Deflating Telecoms Services Output“,  co-authored with Diane Coyle, Mo Abdirahman and Will Stewart (Slides)

by Patrick Schneider, Bank of England; “Decomposing Differences in Productivity Distributions” (Slides)

by Ana Galvao, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Data Uncertainty and Business Cycles: An Evaluation of the Bank of England Backcasts” co-authored with James Mitchell (Slides , podcast)

presented by Nick Oulton, ESCoE and LSE; “Double Deflation: Theory and Practice” co-authored with A. Rincon-Aznar, L. Samek and S. Srinivasan (Slides, podcast)

by Alexis Antoniades, Georgetown University-Qatar;”Distribution as Expenditure” co-authored with Robert Feenstra (Slides)

by Martin Weale, ESCoE, Centre for Macroeconomics and King’s College, London; “A Democratic Measure of Income Growth“, co-authored with Andrew Aitken (slides, podcast)

by Ivan Petrella, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Inflation Dynamics and Price Flexibility in the UK” co-authored with  Emiliano Santoro and Lasse de la Porte Simonsen (slides, podcast)

by James Mitchell, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Estimating High Frequency Regional Output Growth Using Mixed Frequency Methods” co-authored with Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre and Aubrey Poon (slides, podcast)

by Paul Mizen, ESCoE and University of Nottingham; “The impact of Brexit on UK businesses: evidence from the Decision Maker Panel“, co-authored with Nick Bloom (Stanford and ESCoE) and Phil Bunn, Scarlet Chan, Pawel Smietanka, Greg Thwaites (Bank of England) (slides)