A series of seminars by ESCoE researchers and visiting academics on a wide ranging number of topics covering current research and future areas of study.


Autumn series 2018:  usually on Tuesdays 16.30-17.30.  These seminars will be held at the conference facilities at the ONS, Drummond Gate.

Winter series 2018/19:  usually on Tuesdays 16.30-17.30.  These seminars will be held at the conference facilities at the ONS, Drummond Gate.

Previous Research Seminars

by Jagjit Chadha (NIESR) “Understanding and Confronting Uncertainty:  Revisions to UK Government Expenditure Plans” (slides, paper, podcast)

by Rachel Soloveichik (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis) “Accounting for improved Brick and Mortar Shopping” (slides, podcast)

by Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business School  “The Flexibility of German Manufacturing Prices 1980-2015: Micro and Macro Determinants“, co-authored with Christian Grimme, University of Munich (slides)

by Jennifer Humphrys, Australian Bureau of Statistics “Development of a Labour Account to Improve Productivity Estimation” (slides, podcast)

by Diane Coyle (Cambridge, ESCoE) and David Nguyen (NIESR, ESCoE) “Cloud Computing and National Accounting“(slides, podcast)

by Paul Mizen, ESCoE and University of Nottingham; “The impact of Brexit on UK businesses: evidence from the Decision Maker Panel“, co-authored with Nick Bloom (Stanford and ESCoE) and Phil Bunn, Scarlet Chan, Pawel Smietanka, Greg Thwaites (Bank of England) (slides)

by James Mitchell, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Estimating High Frequency Regional Output Growth Using Mixed Frequency Methods” co-authored with Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre and Aubrey Poon (slides, podcast)

by Ivan Petrella, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Inflation Dynamics and Price Flexibility in the UK” co-authored with  Emiliano Santoro and Lasse de la Porte Simonsen (slides, podcast)

by Martin Weale, ESCoE, Centre for Macroeconomics and King’s College, London; “A Democratic Measure of Income Growth“, co-authored with Andrew Aitken (slides, podcast)

by Alexis Antoniades, Georgetown University-Qatar;”Distribution as Expenditure” co-authored with Robert Feenstra (Slides)

presented by Nick Oulton, ESCoE and LSE; “Double Deflation: Theory and Practice” co-authored with A. Rincon-Aznar, L. Samek and S. Srinivasan (Slides, podcast)

by Ana Galvao, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Data Uncertainty and Business Cycles: An Evaluation of the Bank of England Backcasts” co-authored with James Mitchell (Slides , podcast)

by Patrick Schneider, Bank of England; “Decomposing Differences in Productivity Distributions” (Slides)

by Richard Heys, UK Office for National Statistics; “A Comparison of Approaches to Deflating Telecoms Services Output“,  co-authored with Diane Coyle, Mo Abdirahman and Will Stewart (Slides)

by Rachel Soloveichik,  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; “Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement and Other Home-Produced Goods: Changes for Measured GDP and Housing Values