We run a series of Research Seminars at the Office for National Statistics (London), with presentations from ESCoE researchers and visiting academics on a range of topics covering current research and future areas of study. Our seminars usually take place on a Tuesday from 16.00-17.00 (term-time).

Forthcoming Research Seminars

Previous Research Seminars

by Fotis Papailias (King’s College London) Investigating the Predictive Ability of ONS “Faster Indicators of UK Economic Activity” (Slides)

by Matthew Agarwala (University of Cambridge) “Measuring the Wealth Economy: Natural and Social Capital” (Slides)

by Augustin De Coulon (King’s College London) “Using electoral registers to quantify immigration in UK local authorities” (Slides)

by David Nguyen (NIESR and ESCoE) “Why is measuring the digital economy so difficult when everything is stored as data? (Slides)

by Mairi Spowage (University of Strathclyde and ESCoE) “Improving the quality of regional economic indicators ” (Slides)

by Marco Francesconi (University of Essex)  “For a Fistful of Krones? The Impact of Business Income on Income Inequality” (Slides)

by Sarah Eaton (Office for National Statistics) “International Business Unit: Understanding Multi-National Enterprises” (Slides)

by Ana Beatriz Galvão (University of Warwick and ESCoE) “Communicating Data Uncertainty: Experimental Evidence for the UK GDP”  (Slides)

by Jeremy Rowe (Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics) “Faster indicators of UK economic activity” (slides).  Watch the seminar live here (for best results use headphones with the volume up).

by Bart Los (University of Groningen and ESCoE) “UK Regions in Global Value Chains” (slides).  Watch the seminar live here (for best results use headphones with the volume up).

by Joachim Winter (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) Do the rich still save more if we use better data?” (slides). Watch the seminar live here (for best results use headphones with the volume up).

by Leonard Nakamura (Emeritus Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) “Accounting for Growth in the Age of the Internet: The Importance of Output-Saving Technical Change” (slides, podcast)

by Nicholas Oulton (ESCoE and LSE) “GDP is a Measure of Output, Not Welfare. Or, HOS meets the SNA” (slides)

by Richard Heys (Office for National Statistics) “Bridging the gap between GDP and Welfare” (slides, podcast)

by Martin Weale (King’s College London, ESCoE and Centre for Macroeconomics) and Andrew Aitken (NIESR and ESCoE) “A Democratic Measure of National Income Growth for  the United Kingdom, 2006-2015. Methods and Estimates” (slides, podcast)

by Thomas F. Crossley (University of Essex, ESCoE and the Institute of Fiscal Studies)  “Regression with Imputed Dependent Variables (slides, podcast)

by Christopher Bollinger (University of Kentucky) “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Measurement Error, Nonresponse and Administrative Mismatch in the CPS“,  (slides)

by Jagjit Chadha (NIESR) “Understanding and Confronting Uncertainty:  Revisions to UK Government Expenditure Plans” (slides, paper, podcast)

by Rachel Soloveichik (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis) “Accounting for improved Brick and Mortar Shopping” (slides, podcast)

by Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business School  “The Flexibility of German Manufacturing Prices 1980-2015: Micro and Macro Determinants“, (slides)

by Jennifer Humphrys, Australian Bureau of Statistics “Development of a Labour Account to Improve Productivity Estimation” (slides, podcast)

by Diane Coyle (Cambridge, ESCoE) and David Nguyen (NIESR, ESCoE) “Cloud Computing and National Accounting“(slides, podcast)

by Paul Mizen, ESCoE and University of Nottingham; “The impact of Brexit on UK businesses: evidence from the Decision Maker Panel” (slides)

by James Mitchell, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Estimating High Frequency Regional Output Growth Using Mixed Frequency Methods” (slides, podcast)

by Ivan Petrella, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Inflation Dynamics and Price Flexibility in the UK” (slides, podcast)

by Martin Weale, ESCoE, Centre for Macroeconomics and King’s College, London; “A Democratic Measure of Income Growth“(slides, podcast)

by Alexis Antoniades, Georgetown University-Qatar;”Distribution as Expenditure”  (Slides)

presented by Nick Oulton, ESCoE and LSE; “Double Deflation: Theory and Practice”  (Slides, podcast)

by Ana Galvao, ESCoE and University of Warwick;  “Data Uncertainty and Business Cycles: An Evaluation of the Bank of England Backcasts” (Slides , podcast)

by Patrick Schneider, Bank of England; “Decomposing Differences in Productivity Distributions” (Slides)

by Richard Heys, UK Office for National Statistics; “A Comparison of Approaches to Deflating Telecoms Services Output“,  (Slides)

by Rachel Soloveichik,  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; “Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement and Other Home-Produced Goods: Changes for Measured GDP and Housing Values