Forbes article references ESCoE's data economy research


Forbes article references ESCoE’s data economy research

Forbes’ article ‘Scrooge McData‘ by David Birch, has referenced recent ESCoE research from Diane Coyle and Wendy Li’s ESCoE Discussion Paper ‘The Data Economy: Market Size and Global Trade’.

Birch focuses on Diane and Wendy’s exploration of the growing “data gap” between global Big Tech and potential competitors, disruptors and innovators; and how this gap is a a barrier to entry that affects not only businesses but also aggregate innovation, investment and trade. He writes: “while the data economy is clearly large, a robust measurement has yet to be developed. This is why Diane and Wendy’s paper was so interesting to me. They propose a new and consistent “impact-based” approach to estimate the size of the overall data market in a sector by comparing the values of data with and without the entry of an online platform.” 

Read the article here, and download Diane and Wendy’s ESCoE Discussion Paper in full here.