We are very grateful to the following academic colleagues who have been an enormous help in putting together the repository, pointing us to various sources of data and allowing us to include their published and unpublished work.

Mark Billings
Mike Bordo
Martin Weale
James Sefton
Jagjit Chadha
Geoff Meeks
Andrew Goudie
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
Shaun Vahey
Steve Broadberry
Bruce Campbell
Alex Klein
Mark Overton
Bas van Leeuwen
Forrest Capie
Peter Wardley
Clive Lee
Humphrey Southall
Jan Tore Klovland
Peter Spencer
Solomos Solomou
Leigh Shaw-Taylor
Jason Lennard
Nicholas Dimsdale
Martin Ellison
Andrew Scott
Sam Williamson
Patrick O’Brien
Anne Murphy
Nuno Palma
Adam Brzezinski
John Muellbauer
Nick Barratt
Leslie Hannah
Julian Hoppit
Geoff Tily
John Gent
Olivier Accominotti
Nick Oulton
Barry Naisbitt
Peter Sinclair
Mary O’Mahony

We would also like to thank the following ONS colleagues for their expert help and advice:

Steve Drew
Fiona Dawe
Simon Linden
Richard Heys

We are also extremely grateful to the following librarians and archivists for all their help and advice.

Clare Trowell at the Marshall Library
Nicola Wright, Beth Clark and the LSE Library
Nick Mays of the Times Archive
Mike Anson at the Bank of England Archive
David Raymont at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
The ONS Library
Helen Pye-Smith and Shahid Nazir at the Bank of England Library
Simon Rex at the Building Societies Association
Emma Quinlan at the Nuffield College, Oxford library
Sarah Stevens at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research Library

We would also like to thank the following for their kind permission to allow us to reproduce copyrighted material

Professor Leon Feinstein
Professor Colin Holmes
Hanswolf Hohn at Deutsche Bank
Paula Beggren, Naomi Pasachoff, Joel Schwartz and Vivian Schwartz,
Manchester University Press

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