These pages on a repository of Historical Data for the UK are under development. They are being curated by Sylaja Srinivasan (ESCoE) and Ryland Thomas (ESCoE, Bank of England). Please email for information.

The historical economic statistics publications and datasets below have been compiled and curated by ESCoE as a best endeavours project based on publicly available information as well as information from our partners. These include the Bank of England and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Our partners are not responsible for how the information they have provided has been used in the creation of these items, or in how they have been or may be interpreted. Repository items may report economic figures which are not in line with official statistics. If you wish to obtain official statistics from ONS, please visit their website.

Headline Macro Data

Collections of macroeconomic data such as the Bank of England’s Millennium of Data spreadsheet
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National Accounts

Historical national accounts data stretching back to 1086
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Industry and the Supply Side

Historical data on input-output and supply-use tables back to 1841
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Costs, Prices and the Labour Market

Data on wages, consumer and producer prices, population and the labour market
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Financial Markets

Data on interest rates, asset price, exchange rates alongside financial accounts and balance sheets
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Money, Banking and Credit

Money, banking and credit statistics, including the Bank of England balance sheet and its operations
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Overseas Trade

Data on the UK’s overseas trade and balance of payments as far back as the C13th
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Fiscal Data

Data on government spending, revenues and public sector debt
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Miscellaneous Sector and Regional Data

Housing market data, energy statistics, agriculture and climate
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