Ricky Lawton

Ricky Lawton

Dr. Ricky Lawton is Director of Economic Evaluation at Ipsos UK. Ricky specialises in economic valuation of intangible assets and Green Book business case evaluation, with expertise in cultural capital accounting, environmental valuation, social value analysis, and Stated Preference design.

Ricky has published over fifteen peer-reviewed academic journal articles applying economic valuation methodologies in the fields of cultural and environmental economics and wellbeing valuation. Ricky has over a decade’s academic and professional experience on major national economic research and evaluation projects such as the DCMS Cultural and Heritage Capital Framework, the A303 Stonehenge tunnel heritage value business case for the Department for Transport; valuing the public benefits of Net Zero for the Government Regional Hubs programme; evaluating the impact of environmental taxes for HMRC; design of Stated Preference surveys to value the non-market benefits of cultural, heritage, sporting, and data assets for a range of government clients; and the Airports Commission study into the wellbeing impacts of aviation noise.

Ricky has a PhD in Environmental Economics and Policy and an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of York, and an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy from the University of Canterbury.

Director of Economic Evaluation

Ipsos UK

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