Improving the quality of regional economic indicators

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The first part of the project will focus on improving inter-regional trade flows data.

Lead: Steve Gibbons (LSE)

Co-Leads: Katerina Lisenkova (Strathclyde), Graeme Roy (Strathclyde) and Kim Swales (Strathclyde).

Expected end date: Q4 2018/2019

Objectives: It is clear there is an increasing focus and attention on regional economic performance and the devolution of powers in the UK. Scotland is at the forefront of devolution and we believe provides a useful case study to begin developing new regional indicators.

We plan to undertake two projects, to take forward a stream of work to improve the quality and usefulness of regional economic statistics. The first of these focuses on improving inter-regional trade flows data. The second area of work, which would take place beyond the project end date shown, is to further improve the quality and robustness of regional fiscal data

Project code: 3.4