Using administrative data to develop new labour force & migration statistics

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This project will use administrative data in new and innovative ways.

Lead: Jonathan Wadsworth (RHUL, LSE)

Co-Leads: Jonathan Portes (King’s) and Augustin de Coulon (King’s)

Expected end date: Q3 2019/2020

Objectives: This project will directly address the objectives of ESCoE, as well as ONS’s wider objectives relating to economic statistics; it will use administrative data in new and innovative ways; it will aim to directly improve our understanding of key economic statistics, in particular those relating to the labour market, as well as population statistics; and it will be relevant to key political and policy priorities of government and great public interest. It therefore offers huge and wide-ranging potential benefits to ONS and to government as a whole.

This project will address a number of research questions relating to labour market dynamics, in particular in relation to the non-UK born population:

  1. Mapping the EU resident population
  2. Short-term and circular migration
  3. Length of migration/return migration

Mapping changing migrant populations at small area level

Project code: 3.1