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July 2020

The impact of GDP data revisions on identifying and predicting UK Recessions” (ESCoE DP 2020-12)
by Ana Beatriz Galvão and Amit Kara

Telecoms Deflators: A Story of Volume and Revenue Weights” (ESCoE DP 2020-11)
by Mo Abdirahman, Diane Coyle, Richard Heys and Will Stewart

Valuing goods online and offline: the impact of Covid-19” (ESCoE DP 2020-10)
by Diane Coyle and David Nguyen

June 2020

UK Interregional Trade Estimation: Estimates of trade between Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England” (ESCoE DP 2020-09)
by Alastair Greig, Mairi Spowage and Graeme Roy

UK Regions in Global Value Chains” (ESCoE DP 2020-08)
by Pieter IJtsma and Bart Los

May 2020

Computationally Efficient Inference in Large Bayesian Mixed Frequency VARs” (ESCoE DP 2020-07)
by Deborah Gefang, Gary Koop and Aubrey Poon

Real-time Probabilistic Nowcasts of UK Quarterly GDP Growth using a Mixed-Frequency Bottom-up Approach” (ESCoE DP 2020-06)
by Ana Beatriz Galvão and Marta Lopresto

April 2020

Real-time turning point indicators: Review of current international practices” (ESCoE DP 2020-05)
by Cyrille Lenoël and Garry Young

Productivity growth and global value chain participation in the digital age” (ESCoE DP 2020-04)
by Claudio Battiati, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio and Silvia Sopranzetti

February 2020

An Industry-Based Estimation Approach for Measuring the Cloud Economy” (ESCoE DP 2020-03)
by Christopher Hooton

January 2020

Measuring education services using lifetime incomes” (ESCoE DP 2020-02)
by Carol Corrado, Mary O’Mahony and Lea Samek

Measuring productivity: theory and British practice” (ESCoE DP 2020-01)
by Nicholas Oulton

December 2019

Communicating Data Uncertainty: Experimental Evidence for U.K. GDP” (ESCoE DP 2019-20)
by Ana Beatriz Galvão, James Mitchell and Johnny Runge

November 2019

Defining and Measuring the Innovativeness of Firms” (ESCoE DP 2019-19)
by Giuliana Battisti and Paul Stoneman

Testing for the Presence of Measurement Error” (ESCoE DP 2019-18)
by Daniel Wilhelm

October 2019

Technology, Intangible Assets and the Decline of the Labor Share” (ESCoE DP 2019-17)
by Mary O’Mahony, Michela Vecchi and Francesco Venturini

GDP and Welfare: A spectrum of opportunity” (ESCoE DP 2019-16)
by Richard Heys, Josh Martin and Walter Mkandawire

September 2019
No plant, no problem? Factoryless manufacturing and economic measurement” (ESCoE DP 2019-15)
by Diane Coyle and David Nguyen

August 2019
Improving the Measure of the Distribution of Personal Income” (ESCoE DP 2019-14)
by Dennis Fixler, Marina Gindelsky and David Johnson

Misreported Trade” (ESCoE DP 2019-13)
by Mohammad Farhad, Michael Jetter, Abu Siddique and Andrew Williams

Who are business owners and what are they doing?” (ESCoE DP 2019-12)
by Jonathan Cribb, Helen Miller and Thomas Pope

July 2019
The Welfare Implications of Public Goods: Lessons from 10 years of Atkinson in the UK” (ESCoE DP 2019-11)
by Fred Foxton, Joe Grice, Richard Heys and James Lewis

June 2019
The treatment of Intellectual Property in the National Accounts” (ESCoE DP 2019-10)
by Robin Lynch

May 2019
Lost in translation: What do Engel curves tell us about the cost of living?” (ESCoE DP 2019-09)
by Ingvild Almås, Timothy K.M. Beatty and Thomas F. Crossley

Measuring Data Uncertainty: An Application using the Bank of England’s “Fan Charts” for Historical GDP Growth” (ESCoE DP 2019-08)
by Ana Beatriz Galvao and James Mitchell

March 2019
Variational Bayesian Inference in Large Vector Autoregressions with Hierarchical Shrinkage” (ESCoE DP 2019-07)
by Deborah Gefang, Gary Koop and Aubrey Poon

GDP is a measure of output, not welfare. Or, HOS meets the SNA” (ESCoE DP 2019-06)
by Nicholas Oulton

Firms' Price, Cost and Activity Expectations: Evidence from Micro Data” (ESCoE DP 2019-05)
by Lena Boneva, James Cloyne, Martin Weale and Tomasz Weiladek

February 2019
Understanding the Sharing Economy” (ESCoE DP 2019-04)
by Diane Coyle and Shane O’Connor

January 2019
Measuring Bilateral Exports of Value Added: A Unified Framework” (ESCoE DP 2019-03)
by Bart Los and Marcel Timmer

Labour productivity and firm-level TFP with technology-specific production functions” (ESCoE DP 2019-02)
by Michele Battisti, Filippo Belloc and Massimo Del Gatto

Towards a Framework for Time Use, Welfare and Household-centric Economic Measurement” (ESCoE DP 2019-01)
by Diane Coyle and Leonard Nakamura

December 2018

Cloud Computing and National Accounting” (ESCoE DP 2018-19)
by Diane Coyle and David Nguyen

Temporal disaggregation of overlapping noisy quarterly data using state space models: Estimation of monthly business sector output from Value Added Tax data in the UK” (ESCoE DP 2018-18)
by Paul Labonne and Martin Weale

Double deflation: theory and practice” (ESCoE DP 2018-17)
by Nicholas Oulton, Ana Rincon-Aznar, Lea Samek and Sylaja Srinivasan

November 2018

The Digital Economy, New Products and Consumer Welfare” (ESCoE DP 2018-16)
by W. Erwin Diewert, Kevin J. Fox and Paul Schreyer

Can GDP measurement be further improved? Data revision and reconciliation” (ESCoE DP-2018-15)
by Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Samad Sarferaz, Jan-Egbert Sturm and Simon van Norden

Regional Output Growth in the United Kingdom: More Timely And Higher Frequency Estimates, 1970-2017” (ESCoE DP-2018-14)
by Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre, James Mitchell and Aubrey Poon

August 2018
An Open and Data-driven Taxonomy of Skills Extracted from Online Job Adverts” (ESCoE DP-2018-13)
by Jyldyz Djumalieva and Cath Sleeman

July 2018
Big Data & Macroeconomic Nowcasting: Methodological Review” (ESCoE DP-2018-12)
by George Kapetanios and Fotis Papailias

Productivity growth, firm turnover and new varieties” (ESCoE DP-2018-11)
by Thomas von Brasch, Arvid Raknerud and Diana-Cristina Iancu

A firm-level perspective on micro- and macro-level uncertainty” (ESCoE DP-2018-10)
by Gaganan Awano, Nicholas Bloom, Ted Dolby, Paul Mizen, Rebecca Riley, Tatsuro Senga, John Van Reenen, Jenny Vyas and Philip Wales

UK trade in goods and productivity: New findings” (ESCoE DP-2018-09)
by Philip Wales, Russell Black, Ted Dolby and Gaganan Awano

Classifying occupations using web-based job advertisements: an application to STEM and creative occupations” (ESCoE DP-2018-08)
by Antonio Lima and Hasan Bakhshi

June 2018
UK Regional Nowcasting using a Mixed Frequency Vector Autoregressive Model” (ESCoE DP-2018-07)
by Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre and James Mitchell

May 2018
Below the Aggregate: A Sectoral Account of the UK Productivity Puzzle” (ESCoE DP-2018-06)
by Rebecca Riley, Ana Rincon-Aznar and Lea Samek
ESCoE-DP-2018-06 Summary

March 2018
Imputation of Pension Accruals and Investment Income in Survey Data” (ESCoE DP-2018-05)
by Andrew Aitken and Martin Weale

Classifying Occupations according to their Skill Requirements in Job Advertisements” (ESCoE DP-2018-04)
by Jyldyz Djumalieva, Antonio Lima and Cath Sleeman

A Data Map of Existing UK Data Sources Related to Regional Trade” (ESCoE DP-2018-03)
by Alastair Greig, Katerina Lisenkova and Graeme Roy

February 2018
A Democratic Measure of Household Income Growth: Theory and Application to the United Kingdom” (ESCoE DP-2018-02)
by Andrew Aitken and Martin Weale

January 2018
Reconciled Trade Flow Estimates Using an FGLS Estimator” (ESCoE DP-2018-01)
by Thomas Baranga

December 2017
A Comparison of Approaches to Deflating Telecoms Services Output” (ESCoE DP-2017-04)
by Mo Abdirahman, Diane Coyle, Richard Heys and Will Stewart

Measuring the “Free” Digital Economy within the GDP and Productivity Accounts” (ESCoE DP-2017-03)
by Leonard Nakamura, Jon Samuels and Rachel Soloveichik

October 2017
The Mystery of TFP” (ESCoE DP-2017-02)
by Nick Oulton

June 2017
Do-it-yourself digital: the production boundary and the productivity puzzle” (ESCoE DP-2017-01)
by Diane Coyle


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