Call for papers: BEIS Data after Covid-19 conference, deadline 7 May 2021


Call for papers: BEIS Data after Covid-19 conference, deadline 7 May 2021

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have teamed up with the ONS, NIESR and ESCoE to hold a conference bringing people across government, academia and private sector together to emphasise the benefits of data sharing beyond navigating a pandemic and capitalise on that learning. They plan to host this event on the 6 July 2021 centred around the improvement in data sharing across Whitehall, academia, and the private sector. Hopefully, this process can also highlight what were the key limitations holding us back from doing so before.

Call for papers

We invite authors to submit papers or presentations on how the improvements in data sharing over the past 12 months has impacted their work. The following describes the coverage and guidelines for submission.

To achieve this, we are interested in understanding what work has been done in this space, including the impacts it may have had on policy making. It is a great opportunity to showcase any papers or presentations written outlining the benefits or difficulties faced by increased data mobility. We hope for a wide range of examples from across government and wider stakeholders, with the possibility of presenting this work at the conference. Example topics that may include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Examples of using Real Time Indicators (RTI)
• How reliable are alternative data sources relative to traditional publications?
• How has better data sharing been facilitated e.g change in mindset around data sharing?

The conference is planned to happen both face to face as well as being available online. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions it may only be online, but we will keep everyone informed on this development.


The deadline for submissions is: Noon 7 May 2021

1500 Word limit

All inquiries / submissions should be directed to the attention of: Shamim Miah ( and Emily Bannister (