What ESCoE Does


What ESCoE Does

We explore methods for measuring new and existing forms of economic activity and welfare in a global economy, for meeting the needs for local, city and regional statistics, for understanding productivity and for communicating economic statistics. To do this our Research Associates use advanced tools from economic theory, econometrics and data science, mathematics and statistics.

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Our main aim is to bring a research led approach to addressing challenges and opportunities in measuring the economy. We work with ONS and other stakeholders to deliver improved economic measurement to meet user needs, through world-class research, education and convening of the wider economic measurement community.

Our research is carried out within four broad Research Programmes: National Accounts and Beyond GDP; Productivity and the Modern Economy; Regional and Labour Market Statistics; and Communicating and Valuing economic statistics. We have completed many research projects, all of which are designed to influence the development of economic statistics.

ESCoE’s activities are underpinned by the regular publication and dissemination of research papers through our ESCoE Publications, and by the delivery of a series of events, including Research Seminars, Workshops, Conferences (including the annual ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement), as well as ad hoc discussion and networking events.

We strive to inspire and develop the next generation of expert economists and statisticians and do so through supporting our early career Research Associates, supporting our PhD students and providing secondment opportunities to our stakeholders. We build and maintain a hub of world-leading expertise on economic measurement and welcome visitors to come and work with us.