This section covers bespoke data on the banking system and other credit institutions.  It also includes data on the Bank of England balance sheet and its operations and money and credit aggregates.  These are backed up by digitised publications such as the Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin and Statistical Abstracts, and the Annual Abstract of Banking Statistics.

  • Users should first consult the Money and Credit sections of the Millennium of Macroeconomic Data v3.1 (xls), which contains data on various money and credit aggregates as well as data on the Bank of England balance sheet.   Headline series are available via FRED
  • More detailed data on the Bank of England balance sheet are available on the Research datasets page at the Bank of England.
  • We are hoping to include more historical data on commercial bank balance sheets pending permissions and copyright.
All files are pdf, unless otherwise stated. File sizes greater than 25MB are indicated.

A very useful volume summarising the role of the London Clearing Banks in the late 1970s is available below.  This was based on evidence given by the banks in 1977 to the Committee to Review the Functioning of Financial Institutions.
The London Clearing Banks (172MB)

The Bank of England produced numerous methodological articles on money and credit statistics many of which appeared in the Monetary and Financial Statistics publication produced by the Bank.  Key ones are linked below by category but a complete chronological list can be found here.

Money and Divisia Credit Seasonal Adjustment
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Bank of England Statistical Abstract 1970 No File
Bank of England Statistical Abstract 1975 No File