ESCoE Newsletter September 2020


ESCoE Newsletter September 2020

We’ve published the latest edition of our ESCoE Newsletter.

It has been a challenging period for many since our last newsletter back in March when the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic were only just becoming apparent. That newsletter included news about events that we and others necessarily had to cancel. Six months on, we are delighted to be able to share the latest news on a full programme, reflecting how ESCoE has flexed its approach to the new circumstances.

Like so many others this year, we have had to find new ways of working, from accessing secure data remotely to the collection of new research data and everything in between. We have fortunately been able to keep most of our research projects moving forward as well as developing new ones to address issues arising with the pandemic. Thanks to the availability of suitable online platforms, our Conference on Economic Measurement 2020 is going ahead, in full, this week. We have produced a brand new ESCoE website, launched today; contributed to the establishment of the new ESRC funded Productivity Institute; secured UKRI Covid-19 funding for new data collections and research with the University of Nottingham; launched a new Covid-19 economic measurement webinar series that has reached audiences old and new; and published a number of new research papers.

Please download and read to find out more about our activities.