Paul Mizen

Paul Mizen

Paul is Deputy Director of the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE). He is Professor in Economics at King’s Business School, King’s College London (w.e.f. July 2023).

Previously Paul was Professor at the University of Nottingham and Visiting Professor at the European University Institute, Florence, Princeton University and University of Vienna.  He has published papers in the American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics and the Review of Economics and Statistics. As Principal Investigator of the ESRC Decision Maker Panel and a consultant to the Bank of England, his research has supported economic policy at the Bank of England, BEIS, COBRA, the Cabinet Office, 10 Downing St., HM Treasury, the Home Office and Department for Transport.  Paul is Chairman and Trustee of the Money Macro and Finance Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Academy of Social Sciences and a member of the National Statistician’s Committee for Advice on Standards for Economic Statistics (NSCASE).    

Deputy Director

Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence

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