ESCoE COVID-19 Economic Measurement Webinars


ESCoE COVID-19 Economic Measurement Webinars



With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year we launched a new series, the ‘ESCoE Covid-19 Economic Measurement Webinars’, to share some of the latest leading research on measuring the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. From our first webinar with Jonathan Athow (Deputy National Statistician and Director General, Economic Statistics, Office for National Statistics) and onwards, we saw record audiences attend our new series from around the UK and overseas. Video recordings of the full webinar series, along with the presentation slides, are available so you can watch (or re-watch) at any time:

Jonathan Athow (Office for National Statistics) ‘Meeting the challenge of measuring the economy through the Covid-19 pandemic

Kevin Fox (University of New South Wales) ‘Measuring real consumption and CPI bias under lockdown conditions

Pawel Adrjan (Indeed) ‘What can online data tell us about the labour market?

Thomas Crossley (European University Institute) ‘The Understanding Society Covid-19 Web Survey

Vasco Carvalho (University of Cambridge) ‘Tracking the Covid-19 crisis with high-resolution transaction data

Juan Mateos Garcia (Nesta) ‘Measuring the economic impact of Covid-19 in the UK with business website data

Look out for announcements on webinars planned for later this autumn.