Complete List of Historical Statistical Articles and Publications

UK Recessions and Expansions Phases and GDP data revisions

Complete List of Historical Statistical Articles and Publications

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Complete List of Historical Statistical Articles and Publications

Below is a list of all the publications that have been digitised as part of the UK Historical Data Repository project as well as those available to access online elsewhere. Some of these are available in the Datasets and Relevant Periodicals sections of the main site and the links below will direct you to the relevant section of the repository.  In other cases a simple chronological list of the editions and articles available has been provided.

Abstract of Labour Statistics

Abstract of Regional Statistics (later Regional Trends)

Agricultural Statistics

Annual Abstract of Statistics

Annual Review of Agriculture

Annual Statement of Trade of the United Kingdom Vol.1

A Programme for Growth (DAE at Cambridge)

Bank of England Daily Books

Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Articles

Bank of England Articles on Statistics

Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Statistical Annexes

Bank of England Statistical Abstract

Bank of England Statistical Summary

Board of Trade Journal

British Government Securities in the C20th – Pember and Boyle

British Labour Statistics Historical Abstract and Yearbooks

Digest of UK Energy Statistics

Economic and Labour Market Review Articles

Economic and Labour Market Review  Full Editions

Economic Trends Annual Supplement

Economic Trends Articles

Economic Trends Full Editions

Employment Gazette

Energy Trends

Family Expenditure Survey

Financial Statements and Budget Reports

Financial Statistics

Housing and Construction Statistics

Government Statistical Service Methodology Series

International Abstract of Economic Statistics

Labour Market Trends

League of Nations Statistical Yearbooks

London and Cambridge Economic Service Monthly Bulletins

London and Cambridge Economic Service Special Memoranda

Ministry of Labour Gazette

Minutes of Monthly Governor-Chancellor Monetary Meetings 1994-1997 (Ken and Eddie Show)

Monthly Digest of Statistics

Monthly Review of External Trade Statistics (MRETS)

Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA)

Report on Overseas Trade

Social Security Statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United Kingdom

Statistical News

Statistics on Incomes, Prices Employment & Production

Studies in Official Statistics

Studies in Official Statistics Research Series

The Growth and Fluctuation of the British Economy 1790-1850 by Gayer, Rostow and Schwartz – unpublished statistical microfiche

Time Rates of Wages & Hours of Labour

UK Balance of Payments (“Pink Books”)

UK Economic Accounts (Quarterly)

UK Input-Output Analytical Tables (IOATs)

UK National Accounts (“Blue Books”)

United Nations Statistical Yearbooks